Angel Instagram Party 2020

Maskcara Customer Appreciation Party

June 18, 2020

Angels of a feather fly together…

And we want to honor our loyal community of customers with a divine day of games, gifts, and giveaways!

Party Details:

  • Earn your wings at the Angel Instagram Party on Wednesday, July 29th from 10 am - 7 pm MDT.
  • You're on the side of the angels when you follow along @maskcaraparty for a divinely good time.

Party Promotion:

For this heavenly celebration in our customers honor we are featuring a special all-day promotion:

Mystery Gift 1 - The place to go when you want to have a brush with destiny. Spend $75-$99 US/ $105-$139 CAN on July 29th

Mystery Gift 2 - A functional friend when you need to freshen up in a flash. Spend $100-$149/$140-$209 CAN on July 29th

Mystery Gift 3 - You’ve already got the treasure; X marks the spot! Spend $150+/ $210+CAN on July 29th

These Mystery Gifts are an exclusive item and will be available only through the promotion. Don’t miss the Mystery Gift reveal happening during the Angel party!

Promotion Details:

  • We are unable to combine orders once they are placed or add an item to an already placed order.
  • Only one gift will be allotted per order. Once an order has exceeded the maximum amount for the gift, the order will be bumped up to the next Mystery Gift.
  • Gifts are not available for switches, exchanges or returns. If a qualifying order for the gift is returned but the promotion item is not returned, the designated cost of the gift will be subtracted from the refund.
  • Orders placed from 12:00 am MDT to 11:59 pm MDT Wednesday, July 29th are eligible for the Angel Mystery Gift.

Angel (customer) Nomination:

So much of what our customers do for our company and for you, our Artists, goes unseen. They support, promote, and make everything we do more meaningful. This Customer Appreciation Party is our chance to recognize the unsung heroes of our story- our Angel customers!

As a company we want to recognize some of our customers that have truly demonstrated what it means to be an “Angel”. If you have a customer that means a lot to you and has blessed your life as an Artist we want to recognize them! We will be selecting six of our Angels to honor at the Angel party.

Fill out this form to make your nomination!

Nomination submissions must be submitted by Friday, July 10th.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the beginning of a new chapter of Maskcara.

We’re waiting in the wings for you!

Party Graphics: