Soleil d’Or

2021 Leadership Retreat

February 4th - 7th

What is Soleil d’Or?

Spend your days in the golden sun and your nights on the neon town! This invitation only event brings top leaders together in the bright and colorful paradise of Miami, Florida for a weekend of inspiration, connection, and Vitamin D. Attendees will participate in specialized training and have the opportunity to collaborate as a team. Combining our unique talents and strengths in a more intimate setting creates a valuable learning experience that promotes a unified vision across the company. Embrace the Sunshine State of mind at Soleil d’Or, where finding that perfect balance between work and play is a (tropical) breeze.

Event Details

Location: The Kimpton Hotel Palomar South Beach in Miami, Florida

Date: February 4th - 7th

Activities: Attending Artists will enjoy team building activities and leadership trainings as well as time to relax and recharge, shop and explore, and enjoy that golden sun.

How to Qualify

Qualification Period: May - October 2020

1. Maintain the rank of Top Ambassador at least three times in the six month qualification period.

2. Achieve a minimum of $1,500 in personal sales in a month at least three times. (The best leaders are those who lead by example and expect from themselves the same efforts they expect from their teams.)

*Two to three Artists outside of these specific qualifications will be invited to attend the Leadership Retreat. We carefully look for and consider Artists at the Ambassador or above rank who are going above and beyond as leaders and exemplifying the hard work, courage, creativity, and optimism that we value.